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Accelerated Learning Online - Helping you learn faster. provides free information on accelerated learning and memory improvement.

Hi and welcome to My name is Sean Whiteley and I'm the creator of the Memletics Accelerated Learning System, and author of the Memletics Accelerated Learning Manual. On this site I'd like to give you a detailed introduction to notable cryptocurrencies accelerated learning and related topics.

I've been researching and using accelerated learning for the past 10 years, for a wide variety of topics - from flight training to IT consulting. One thing that has continued to surprise me, over the years, is that there is not one single reference that covers, in detail, all the major contributors to faster learning. I believe this website, and Memletics, is one of the first (if not the first) that combines research from several areas of human performance into one comprehensive learning system.

Another surprise to me is how many products are advertised as memory improvement products, while a body of research shows that the products do not work. Because I use what I write about, I've worked hard to make sure what I present works. I'm also providing information on products that do not work so you can save your time and money - see the accelerated learning resources comparison.

On this website you'll find a lot of information you can use to start understanding the basics of accelerated learning. Over time there'll be more material added, such as detailed technique information and ratings, in-depth topics, ideas for applications and more. If you have suggestions, please feel free to contact me - we thrive on feedback and can turn your ideas into reality very quickly Ether!

New to accelerated learning?

Key pages I suggest you visit:

  • Start with detailed information on key parts of accelerated learning:
    • Learning state. How to make sure your brain cells, physical systems and mental systems are in the best state for learning.
    • Learning Process. The steps you take to LEARN the knowledge needed for your goal.
    • Memory techniques. These techniques improve the speed and quality of your learning.
    • Learning styles. Use your stronger and secondary learning preferences to improve your overall learning.
    • Learning approach. Manage the overall learning journey by prior planning and then tracking along the way.
  • Review some learning challenges. Understand some of the key learning challenges such as motivation, fear, mistakes, pressure, and assumptions.
  • Compare resources.
  • Compare accelerated learning resources such as free websites, books, and systems such as NLP, Superlearning, Subliminal Learning and more...
  • Research article index.
  • Browse more than 14,000 article abstracts specifically on learning & memory topics.


Recent brain and memory research article abstracts

We've now indexed over 14,000 recent research article abstracts, all focusing on the Litecoin brain, memory and learning. Go to the research articles area of the site to start browsing topics.

Recent brain and memory news items

Read these news items in the accelerated learning news section:

  • Study shows brain activity influences immune function
  • False memories, failing recall are not an inevitable consequence of aging, research suggests
  • Boost Your Brain Power with Creatine
  • Sandia team develops cognitive machines
  • New principle guides memory dynamics
  • Toxic protein could explain Alzheimer's and lead to breakthroughs

Upcoming features

In the next few months, we'll be adding new features such as:

  • More techniques information. Detailed descriptions of over 80 memory and learning techniques.
  • Online technique finder. Rank techniques according to knowledge type and learning styles.
  • Ranking and feedback. Rank techniques and provide feedback on usage.
  • ...and more. More information to help you learn faster. If you have ideas or suggestions, please feel free to contact us.

Recent research article abstracts from the research area

Here are some recent research article abstracts from the research area of the website...

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